Clojure eXchange London 2019 - Call for Papers
ClojureX is a great opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with other Clojure developers at a supportive and friendly conference. As well as learning all the latest technology in the Clojureverse, its a once a year chance to meet other Clojure developers in London to build new relationships and renew existing friendships.

We want to hear your experiences with Clojure/ClojureScript in whatever form, as well as any other related topics. Have you created some neat technology or discovered a useful practice? Are you working on challenges or innovative projects? Every developer's journey with Clojure and functional programming is different, so you will have learnt something that others haven't and so we encourage you to share.

Talks will be selected by Skills Matter and the Programme Committee on the basis of making the conference a varied and highly valuable event. Submission is open to anyone, and we encourage first-time speakers to submit a proposal. Skills Matter offer a free public speaking course for first-time speakers. We also encourage co-presenting talks.

Members of the Programme Committee are happy to offer coaching and assistance on talk proposals, here is a video tutorial if you need help on shaping your thoughts into a submission or on how to get started:

Every speaker accepted will receive a free ticket to the conference and we do offer assistance with T&L.

All speakers are required to follow the SkillsMatter code of conduct

Following the suggestions we've received through the Call for Thoughts and your feedback, we would like to actively encourage submissions on the following topics (although we are open to any talk ideas):

> ClojureScript
-- React-style websites, UX/UI libraries, integration with JavaScript
-- Building and distributing apps with Node.js
-- Deploying and optimising for Serverless environments
-- Command line and self hosted ClojureScript tools
-- Testing ClojureScript & mixed language applications

> Creative Art and Humanities
-- Digital Art and Installations
-- Music and Composition
-- Gaming and Digital Entertainment

Development Practices and Experiences
-- Experience Reports
-- Testing practices
-- Spec and Generative Testing
-- Performance testing and pitfalls
-- Managing and extending Legacy Applications
-- Refactoring techniques

> Machine Learning, AI and Data Science
-- Deep learning (e.g. Cortex, MXNET)
-- Data visualisation (e.g. Oz)
-- Dynamic Bayesian Networks, Geospatial Analysis
-- Data Engineering tools and practices
-- Large Scale Data Processing & Parallel Processing

> Open Source Projects
-- projects you love / rely upon
-- contributing to / maintaining projects

> Distributing / Deploying Clojure
-- Using GraalVM to develop & distribute Clojure apps
-- JVM optomisations and monitoring
-- Devops tools and practices

> Anything else :)

Submissions should be for one of the following session types (time for Q&A is *included* in the session lengths):

- 30-minute session talk (with Q&A included)*
- 10-minute lightning talk

* We advise that you prepare with this guideline of about 20-25mins of actual presentation in mind, and setting 5-10 mins for Q&A following that so as to not overrun your 30 minute slot.

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