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The SMA Council has received complaints from our SMA members that their practice particulars have been included, without their permission, on the DoctorXDentist website which publishes doctor directories and which purports to
a) offer cost estimates for consultation; and/or
b) facilitate the booking of appointments on behalf of patients to see doctors

Some of these members have written to the DoctorXDentist website to request that their particulars be removed, as they do not wish to be associated with these websites in any way.

However, their requests have been met with steadfast refusal by the DoctorXDentist website to remove their practice particulars.

The SMA, as a free service to its members, will publish on the SMA website, a list of members who do not wish to be associated with the DoctorXDentist website, so that the public may be informed that the DoctorXDentist website does not have the support of these SMA members.

If you wish for your name to be included in this list, please give us your particulars below. Please note that by submitting your particulars to us, you will be deemed to be giving us your consent that your name will be published on the SMA website under the "List of SMA Members who are not associated with DoctorXDentist website".

We believe that in Singapore, freedom of association also means freedom of disassociation and that one must be given the right to associate and also disassociate itself with an organisation or business entity.
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