Nazareth 2018 Financial Pledge Form
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Grace to you and peace! The people of Nazareth are blessed to be a blessing here in the Cedar Valley, across the country, and around the world. Just this past year, Nazareth members gave over $500,000 through our General Fund, Mission Fund, and Endowment Fund, as well as thousands of hours of service to bless our neighbors in need beyond our walls. Local Mission partners as diverse and varied as Habitat for Humanity, New Aldaya, KNWS 101.9, Christian Crusaders, World Impact, ELCA World Hunger, Lutheran Domestic Disaster Relief, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Wartburg Theological Seminary, Riverside and EWALU Bible Camps, The House of Hope, Love In the Name of Christ, Alternatives Pregnancy Center, the Salvation Army, Lutheran Services in Iowa – just to name a few have all been blessed through your generosity! Every penny given, every drop of sweat shed, every talent shared by the people of Nazareth is having a positive earthly impact and making an eternal difference for many. Over and over again, your contributions spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and make it clear to all that they “are precious and important in the eyes of God.”

For years our Nazareth family has been challenged and invited to “give out of love for Christ in the area of our faith.” For this reason, my family and I tithe (we give at least 10% of our time, talents and finances) to support the mission and ministry of this congregation as a response to, and expression of our gratitude to God. We are truly grateful for all the gifts and blessings in our life that come to us as pure gifts from God. I share this only because I want you to know that as your Senior Pastor, I truly believe in what God is doing through our ministry at Nazareth and our family is committed to seeing the good news of Jesus reach as many people as possible. As you consider your own blessings and your own commitment to Christ through Nazareth I want to strongly encourage you to share your time, talents, and finances to support our growing and expanding ministry.

We ask our Nazareth family, after prayerful consideration, complete the paper versions of the Nazareth pledge card and the Naz Next Steps Serve form and to bring them with you to church on Ingathering Sunday, October 22. OR, we ask that you complete and submit the online pledge form below for your household and to complete and submit one online Naz Next Steps form for each person (both links are at

For people who find it helpful to know how their financial gifts will be used, the Finance Committee has identified three areas of need within the ministry of Nazareth during 2018. Your pledge gives you the opportunity to support:

*General Fund – ministry areas, operations, outreach, missions, and general maintenance of our building/grounds.

*Capital Improvements Fund – large projects that occur over a longer timeframe in our building.

*All Hands on Deck (1.1.18 to 6.30.18) – a capital campaign that eliminated the Family Life Center debt ,allowed us to renovate Bethel Hall, add storage area, renovate our kitchens, and create a new fund for “mission beyond our walls”.

On Sunday, October 22, we will celebrate together what it means to ‘do all things through Christ’ as we share our gifts and lay them before God in the midst of our worship services. Thank you in advance for your commitment!

Please do not hesitate to contact our Nazareth team at 319-266-7589 if you have any questions at all.

It is a blessing to serve Christ alongside each of you as we, living together in God's amazing grace, invite all people to know Christ, grow in Christ and make Christ known.

In His Name...

Pastor Brian King

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