Designmatters Minor Application / Declaration of Minor
Please complete this form as your application for the Designmatters Minor in Social Innovation. Students are encouraged to meet with their Department Chair and Designmatters Department prior to declaring the Minor. Students may declare the Minor beginning in Term 2 and up to Week 14 of the Term prior to their graduating Term. The Minor will be transcripted and reflected on your Degree Audit. You will receive confirmation from Enrollment Services and/or Designmatters once the minor has been added to your Degree Audit. Please email Kimberly Velazco ( with any questions or concerns.
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It will be your responsibility to make appointments with the Designmatters Department in order to check on the progress of your DM Minor requirements. We suggest meeting once per/term. We are here and happy to help with your specific questions, review your degree audit, and guide your DM course choices. Contact our team: or *
By submitting this form, you acknowledge and accept that in order to earn the Designmatters Minor in Social Innovation you must complete all Designmatters Minor requirements listed in the current academic catalog. This may (in some instances) require additional terms of study to complete your degree requirements and/or may result in loss or gain of Humanities & Sciences transfer credits towards your major degree requirement. *
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