London 2038 Alpha Application

Please use this form to express your interest in alpha testing London 2038. The Alpha state of the game is not anywhere near bug-free, and should not be expected to be played as if it is a stable, retail product. We need testers, not people just playing for fun. We need your help in identifying issues and inconsistencies, and appreciate your interest! You MUST join Discord and express interest before being considered, thank you!

What is your username on Discord?
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Do you have Alpha or Beta testing experience?
At what point did you start playing live Hellgate?
What's the best contact email to get in touch about testing opportunities?
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Please give a basic description of the computer hardware which would be running the game (OS, 64 or 32 bit, video card, RAM)
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Please briefly explain why you think you are a good fit for the Alpha test program
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Which country are you located in? (Region if you don't want to disclose)
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Which timezone will you be testing in? (e.g. Pacific, GMT+1, etc)
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Would you be willing to submit detailed bug reports, answer developer questions, and provide supporting documentation (Including but not limited to: screenshots, logs, screen recordings, text responses)
Do you understand and agree that the current state of the game you will be testing may change at any moment, critical bugs may exist, data may be lost, the server may be down at any time, and that the purpose of this test is to determine areas for fixes and improvements rather than purely to play Hellgate again?
By submitting this form you wholly agree to the Alpha Terms and Conditions here and understand the consequences for breaking those terms
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