Mutual Aid and Community Solidarity – Needs
❗️23 May: Please note that the list is very full and everyone is trying hard to help out in different ways and also need rest. If you're asking for money, it will take time. Take a look at the sheet too if you might have things to share with others in a difficult situation, even knowledge and tips. If you have any you would rather share with us, or are facing rent problems and want to join some people who want to start a campaign to stop rent, contact us:❗️

Hello! This form is paired to the wares mutual aid coordination spreadsheet, if you didn't come through there, check it out first to see other listings from people who need support or have offered support, plus an orientation guide, and some links to resources and other initiatives we've compiled, as well as an introduction to mutual aid:

wares is not an organisation and do not hold or disburse any money in this project. Mutual aid is a decentralised, distributed process and relies on what each and all of us and together as groups can offer and gather. It is valuing solidarity over charity, not waiting for just those who are rich and powerful to act. It means: we can help each other, and we're all we've got. So this is for telling others what you need and helping one another out, which will take time.

If you're looking for support or to grow circles, you might use this for yourself or on behalf of people around you. If you're part of an existing underfunded group or organisation, maybe use it to illuminate gaps. If you're in isolation and friends live far away, use it to potentially find others closer who can help in various ways. If you're a boss or landlord, don't use this unless it's to really give away what you have.

These forms and sheet are only in English for now. We urge people to get organised into affinity groups with those who have accessibility needs or require labour and assistance in following up with listings. In the spirit of solidarity, people's needs and asks are valid and should not be questioned or dismissed.

Here is the companion form if you have support to offer too:

Your responses here are listed automatically on the coordination sheet, which is an open document that anyone can view. This is to help ease linking up those who are asking with those who can offer support, while preventing abuse on the sheet itself. As such, please ONLY SHARE INFORMATION YOU WANT TO MAKE PUBLIC. Use an alias or proxy if you have to, as long as it is possible to contact you.

Everyone using this form should take steps to ensure your safety in contacting and meeting strangers, as well as in making funds transfers. Check that who you are communicating with is an actual person: share instagram accounts, voice chat, find out about mutual relationships... decide and make known what you're comfortable with. Take what steps you feel are necessary for safety and verification when making contact, while keeping in good faith.

🔶 If you experience harassment or scamming from someone using this, let us know. 🔶
We'd like to remind everyone to be careful to not reproduce systemic violences on a personal level, be they in race, gender, ability, orientation, class, or otherwise, and to trust that people know what they need.

As a loose assembly of folks our own capacity is limited, but if you'd like us to act as a proxy (for example, without revealing your contact), enter our email as contact when submitting this form, and then drop us a message: (use the subject line "mutual aid needs proxy" and tell us your name within)
We will try our best to forward people to you as quickly as possible, but understand that this will make things slower and may reduce response.

When you submit the form, please SAVE THE EDIT LINK provided so you can make changes and update the status of your ask(s) at the bottom of the form. Needs that have been fulfilled will be cleared from the sheet. If you have missed or lost the edit link, contact us by email.

Duplicate listings with the same asks will be merged and/or cleared. Email us to edit if you lost your link.
If you are from a household or family with shared needs, please do not make multiple listings from separate people (for example one from wife and another from husband), this can mislead people. You can list multiple contacts if it helps to spread the work of communicating.


- Roundup updates will be broadcast from this Telegram channel, join the chat too for coordinating with others:

- And here's the coordination spreadsheet again (please help share it!):
(full link:

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30 March 2020
(Last updated 23 May 2020)
Name or alias *
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These needs are... *
If you picked the second or third option above. Enter the organisation name or description, or if you're helping someone fill this up, leave your name and contact too.
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Asks *
What needs are you facing? What kind of support are you asking for? You can add details in the next question. Space could for example mean a need for shelter or somewhere to do work or distribute supplies, and labour or services may include someone to talk with or to share childcare or to do laundry. A possible need might also look like meeting people to organise around resisting rent or debt. Directly reciprocal and mutually beneficial exchange of resources should be prioritised.
What kind, and how much? *
Based on the above, give more details and let people know exactly what you need. For example, the amount of money, the kind of food or supplies, what kind of assistance or advice. If you have multiple types of needs, or are in a specific situation, do explain more so people could get a better idea of how they could help. Multiple people may get in touch with you, and note that they may want to verify parts of what you say.
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By when?
Use this if what you're asking is urgent or time sensitive. Please give a realistic timeframe for people to respond with help. Remember support will not come in a lump sum or all at once, and depends on who and what is available.
Area in Singapore *
What is the general area or neighbourhood you're in? For example, Bedok North. Please do not give your street address. This will let people know if they are local to you if you're asking for something material, and could help you identify and form a neighbourhood pod.
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Contact *
Email, social media handle, telegram handle, phone number (at your discretion) or otherwise. If you do not want to reveal this publicly and would like us to be a proxy, put this as the contact: and email us your actual contact (use the subject line "mutual aid needs proxy" and tell us your name within) Contact is cleared when asks are fulfilled (see next section). Please note that if you are uncontactable we will also delete the listing.
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This part is only for edits. If your needs have been met, come back and add "fulfilled" to let others know so they can stop contacting you. We will clear your contact as soon as we can, and the listing will stay up for about a day before deletion, unless "do not delete" is selected.
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If you update your listing, please add a date to let others know how recently the edit was made.
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