Mutual Aid and Community Solidarity – Needs
Note from wares, March 2022: We have put the needs and offers forms on pause. The listings still exist for the time being as an archive. Through the initiative and actions of many people working together, this project has helped many people with direct aid, much more than it was ever intended to. But it has also become unsustainable, without good ways of addressing individual fatigue, structural crisis, manipulation and abuse, lack of collective capacities, and deference to authority and the logics of charity. We want to try better because we believe in interdependence, solidarity, and mutual aid and care as ways to counter the violence of capitalism in the present. The pandemic is not over, and the crisis is still everyday, but for now we are in a prolonged period of rethinking methods and actions. If you have an existing network, please continue to check in with and look after one another, while not denying space for yourself too. We apologise that we cannot help more for now, but hope to be back with new ideas when we are better able to do so.

Take care, with love and solidarity.
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