Physical Education survey - 2021
This survey is for all Physical Education students at W.J.H.M.S. for the 2021-2022 school year.

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Do you like Physical Education ? *
Explain your answer from the previous question. Why? Give details. *
Select from the list your preferred size of groups in Physical Education within our gymnasium. *
Explain your answer from the previous question. Why? Give reasons.
If the choice was given to you, would you choose physical education even if it was not necessary to graduate? *
What do you like best about Physical Education? Be specific. *
What do you like least about Physical Education? Give examples. *
Which activities do you wish were offered more often in PE within your day-to-day at school? *
What is an ideal school year in Physical Education for you? Describe it in a few words. *
Is there an outing in Physical Education you would like to do? *
If we were to have outings in Physical Education, where would you like to go? Example: Downhill skiing, Golfing, Rock climbing, Bowling etc.
Would you rather have more physical education minutes per week or fewer minutes? *
Do you consider yourself fit in comparison to your age-group? *
Do you believe Physical Education is an important part of your day-to-day as you work towards your graduation requirements? *
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