C2AGE 2017 ARTS COMPETITION (College Category)
1. Contestant from all ages are welcome to participate.

2. For those who are below 18 must have parental consent before joining.

3. Entry fee: RM5

4. Contestants must submit their form one week before the event.

5.Contestants must prepare their own stationaries and coloring tools.

6. Any artistic visual art medium listed below is acceptable:
*Pen & Ink

7. Any entry that we find such as indecent, unlawful racist etc will be rejected.

8. The contestant may only submit one entry.

9. Late entry will not be accepted

10. Contestants will be drawing an A3 size artwork.

11. The contest will be a freestyle drawing.

12. The artwork should not be folded or creased.

13. Late entry will not be accepted.

14. They will be given a time limit of (hours) to complete their artwork.

15. Each entry will be judge by criteria such as creativity, originality of the contestant and how well the utilization of art medium

16. The artwork can either be in landscape form or portrait form.

17. Judges will select a winner from all of the artwork.

I acknowledge that I have carefully read, understand and accept the official contest rules. My signature indicates my understanding and assumptions of the risks associated and my voluntary participation in this contest.
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