2019 CFC-USA Western Conference Breakout Sessions Selection
For the conference breakout sessions, an individual can only attend 2 out of the 7 sessions available. Seats per session are limited, so please submit your selections early.
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**Please rank the sessions below from 1-7 where 1 and 2 are your preferred 2 sessions. Ranks 3 to 7 will be your backup sessions in order of preference.
Session 1: FAMILY IS A GIFT: "Family is a Great, Sacred Gift" // Speaker: Cholo Labog (West/East) *
Session 2: LIFE AND MISSION OF A FULL TIME MISSION VOLUNTEER: "A day in a Life in God's Vineyard" // Speaker: Boy & Radel Guinto (West) *
Session 3: The Spiritual Aspect of ANCOP "Answering the Cry of the Last, the Least and the Lost" // Speaker: Fr. John Venas SVD (West) *
Session 4: Servant Leadership in CFC: "America's got...Challenges" // Speaker: Noy & Marivie Dalman (West/East *
Session 5: Parejas Para Cristo: Challenges and Opportunities: "CFC USA's fastest growing ministry" Dios es bueno! Todo el tiempo! // Speaker: Felipe Malfavon (West) *
Session 6: Operation ForOurLord (Op4OL): "Unleashing the Power of the Holy Spirit in the Household" // Speaker: Toffee Jeturian (West/East) *
Session 7: Protecting God's Children: "Our Children; A Gift from God" // Speaker: Jojo Reandelar (West/East) *
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