PSD #137 1:1 Chromebook Program Student/Parent Signature Page
Please fill out the permission information below for your student to have access to a school issued Chromebook. Since we are able to offer devices to students this year through the district, we will not be using phones or other personal devices in class to work on classwork or testing.
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PSD 1:1 Laptop Handbook
I will review the PSD 1:1 Laptop Program Handbook with my child and agree to abide by it.

I have checked the appropriate box below indicating whether or not my child may bring his/her school issued laptop home for education purposes. Please check all boxes that apply to your family. If you choose "NO" your child will be using a Chromebook in classes throughout the day for classroom work and testing.
Yes. My child may be issued a school laptop. I understand that my child is responsible for any damage to this computer and will be held financially responsible for damage, loss, or theft of this laptop and all components issued to the student (e.g. charger and sleeve).
No. My child may NOT be issued a school laptop but will be using a Chromebook or other school device during the school day when required for class work or testing.
Optional Device Protection Plan
As a student of the Parma School District and the parent/guardian of such a student, we assume responsibility for loss, damage, or theft of assigned technology. Whether used at school or off school premises, we recognize that the device is school property and will not intentionally maltreat the equipment or act with gross negligence.

“I accept responsibility for the appropriate use of the District equipment entrusted to me and promise to return the equipment when requested.”

“I acknowledge that abuse, misuse, or malicious behavior may result in a discussion related to repair or replacement of damaged equipment entrusted to me and payment to the district or school for such repair or replacement.”

“I understand the Parma School District offers an “Optional Device Protection Plan.” The cost of the optional protection is $25 for 1 school year (2021-2022) of coverage and can be renewed each year. This $25 cost covers one (1) claim per school year (2021-22) for accidental damage, loss, or theft. Negligence, gross negligence or purposeful damage, failure to file a police report for lost or stolen devices, and the loss/damage of accessories (charger, charging cable, and sleeve case) and intentional damage to someone else’s device are NOT covered by this optional plan. When necessary, a loaner device can be checked out while repairs are being completed.”

Those parents wishing to purchase the protection may being a check or cash to the Parma Middle School front office.
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