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We are a trusted Software Development Company based in Southern California with clients all over North America. Since 2006 we’ve been a software innovation partner for SMBs and Fortune 500 companies. Our team of professionals provides a full range of software engineering and consultancy services for both the technology challengers and the users of established technologies.

Let us apply our technical experience—technology, logistics, project management, and engineering—to your software project and take the agony out of your development experience. We provide clearly defined and communicated goals, holistic services and support every step of the way until we deliver a software product that works for your customers and improves their user experience.
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How about having your CRM answer 1000’s of your customer care queries simultaneously without a human agent in between? Or how about your showroom sales manager get a tip off when someone in the city decides to buy a car that is readily available in your stock if they get a good deal? In other words, how about the different business software you use give you solid data backed decisions to grow your business? This is no longer a science fiction concept but thanks to AI, an intelligent business might be just an algorithm away.

At Pegasus One, AI is in the front seat, driving innovation across our customer’s business lines. We are not just an R&D company that helps you with prototypes for trade shows but we help businesses enable AI in their existing systems and drive profitable results. Be it dynamic CRMs powered by intelligent conversation bots, AI integrated analytics for smarter insights, Predictive self-care health diagnostics, we build intelligent systems that coexist with any of your current infrastructure.

Our AI development solutions power a wide spectrum of industries ranging from Fashion to Consumer Tech to Automobiles to Cyber Security to High End Technology Innovation sectors. Our team of dedicated Algorithm Experts, Data Scientists, Machine Learning Specialists and Technology Consultants work in tandem to create AI platforms that integrate with the technology of today to make it competitive in the markets of tomorrow.
AI Software Development California - (714) 485-8104
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According to Enterprisers Project, while mobile apps continue to be a prime focus for the enterprise, there is an increasing interest (some might say hype) around artificial intelligence (AI) with chatbots and Personal Digital Assistants (think Siri, Cortana, Alexa and Google) being the latest tech craze, driven by the leading technology companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook. Artificial intelligence, by definition, is intelligence exhibited by machines to display them as rational agents that can perceive their surroundings and make decisions. A rational agent defined by humans would be a computer that can realistically simulate human communication. AI is becoming a reality as technological advancements in natural language processing, big data, mobile, sensors, and cloud come together in a perfect storm.

Mobile applications generate billions of dollars a year in revenue for developers. Click here to view top trending mobile apps today.

That money is spread out, obviously, but it shows what a tremendous market there is for mobile apps today. And as more and more people rely on their smartphones instead of a personal computer, the number will likely only continue to grow.

Whether you’re creating an app to be used internally by your employees, one to publish to help extend your brand and your company’s reach, or just want to create an app that will help to generate additional revenue, it can be done. Here at Pegasus One, we understand the challenges and complexities involved in mobile app development.
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When it comes to offering business solutions we drive excellence through our expertise in Enterprise Mobility Solutions. Technology is constantly changing, but we embrace the rapid pace of change as it offers new tools and features that help us produce better solutions for you business.

Enterprise mobility using the latest technology has helped multiple corporations succeed, sometimes spectacularly. Mobility has freed the workforce of geographical boundaries and has changed and simplified the way we do business.

These applications have also revolutionized the way in which businesses reach potential customers, streamlined commerce, created additional careers, and lowered the cost of many services. PegasusOne offers an extensive range of mobile enterprise solutions to meet today’s demands and help enterprises stay at the top of their business. PegasusOne doesn’t just provide mobile solutions, we help you deploy them, strategically.
enterprise mobile systems.
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Don’t worry, we are not going to give you a hard-sell just because you called for information. We love learning about your offshoring problems and brainstorming about how we could solve them for you. Here are the kinds of things we’d like to talk about in a free consultation with you:

You, and your company: what is your product, and who uses it? What kind of software do you currently use to manage your data, employees, and processes?

Your biggest problem: what are you hoping to tackle by developing your own software? Do you already have a vision of what you want or do you need help to bring the solution into focus?

Your current team: why do you think offshoring might be a good option?

Your goal: how will you know you’ve got something that works?

Your budget and timeline: We respect transparency and guidelines, and we have worked on projects big and small, fast and slow. We can work with your parameters, and we can help you define them, too, if you need that.

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