AVID Interview 2020-2021
Please fill out this form if you are interested in applying for the AVID program at Lincoln Magnet School. This interview and other factors such as teacher recommendations, grades, and citizenship will determine who will be placed in the AVID program. Due to limited sections, not all students who apply will be admitted into the program. If you are chosen to be part of the AVID program, you will receive notification by mail. If you are not chosen, you will be put on the waiting list. You have until May 29th to complete this form.
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Will you be the first member of your family to go to college? *
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Why do you want to go to college? *
What is your best subject? Why? *
What is the subject you struggle in most? Why? *
What have you done inside or outside of school that has made you most proud? *
When and where do you find yourself studying? Who helps you? *
What do you do if you have trouble with an assignment?
If you have a poor grade in a class, what steps do you take to improve it?
What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
What are THREE adjectives to describe yourself? *
How would your teachers from this last school year describe you? For example, if I were to walk into their room and say "Tell me about __________(insert your name here)," What would they say? *
How organized are your binders/materials? *
Not at all organized
Very organized
How motivated are you to achieve your goals? *
How well do you stick with tasks you have started? *
I never finish a task that I start
I always finish a task that I start
How motivated would people who know you best describe you? *
I am not motivated at all
I am very motivated
AVID is about being a role model in your school. Do you feel like you are a role model to your classmates? Why or why not? *
How often do your teachers have to redirect you to get back on task? *
Several times throughout the class period
When things do not go your way, how do you handle it? Mark all that apply *
How proud are you of your grades? *
I am not proud of them at all
I am very proud of my grades
What career would you like to have when you are an adult? *
Are you willing to commit to the AVID program for at least one FULL school year? *
Do you have any questions for me about AVID? *
How much do you want to be in AVID? *
Please do not put me in AVID
I would love to be in the AVID program
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