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OPTIONAL: Focus of the Year
Each year, USGBC-MGC will establish a ‘Focus of the Year’ theme for the Green Schools Quest as an OPTIONAL area of focus for participants who would like to be considered for the 'Focus of the Year' award.. To be considered for the 2018-19 Energy-themed Focus of the Year award, schools must submit 150 words or less describing how their project relates to Energy.
Describe How Your Project Related to the Focus of the Year
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File Uploads
1 - 2 Page Written Report
Please upload a 1 - 2 page written report (PDF or Word Document) detailing your project as a compliment to your video submission.
Video or Digital Presentation (Maximum of 5 minutes)
Photo Release Forms
A photo release for every student in the digital presentation must be submitted. Please upload one of the following two options: 1) an Individual Photo Release Form for each student signed by his/her parent/guardian, or 2) a Certificate of School Official photo release upon which a school official certifies that the school/district has secured and has on file all appropriate image release and permission agreements and consents from parents/guardians of school children who appear in the school’s submission. THIS ONLINE FORM CAN ACCEPT A MAXIMUM OF 10 PHOTO RELEASE FILES; IF YOU HAVE ADDITIONAL FILES, THEY MAY BE EMAILED DIRECTLY TO USGBC-MOGATEWAY@MOBOT.ORG.
School Sustainability Tracking Survey
Under the ‘Sustainability Tracking Survey’ portion of the scoring rubric, you will receive 5 points for completing/submitting this survey, or 0 points for NOT completing/submitting this survey.Performance, as reflected in your survey response, does not affect the score of your submission.
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