MES Volunteering Form
Volunteering is for everyone! At Montclair Elementary, parents, guardians, grandparents, career professionals, those working at home… everyone participates to deliver a quality education to our children, making our public school among the best in the region.

We don’t pay a salary, but your compensation package as a Montclair volunteer includes:
• Getting to know your kids’ classmates.
• Connecting with other parents and guardians at the school.
• Spending more time with teachers and staff.
• Giving your child a sense of community.
• Being a role model for the future generations.
• Witnessing some “precious moments” of elementary school.
• Knowing you are part of the solution.
• Having FUN!

NOTE: In Class Volunteering is planned through the room rep and teacher and more information on that will be provided in the classroom on back to school night.

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