BGM Athletic Consent Form
The purpose of this consent form is to outline the responsibilities of the student athletes and their parents for the 2017 and 2018 school year. We have made several changes to the athletic program at Battle Ground Middle School and it is important that these are communicated and acknowledged.

1. Academic eligibility is now per the revised TSC Middle School Eligibility Policy on the back of this form.

2. Athletic fees will be as follows for the year. The fees will be due by the first game for each sport, unless otherwise discussed with the Athletic Director. If a payment plan needs to be worked out due to a financial hardship, please see the Athletic Director, Justin Raney.

Football $75.00
Volleyball $50.00
Basketball $50.00
Wrestling $50.00
Track $50.00
Cheer $50.00

3. Students will not be allowed to practice without verification from a physician of a physical examination that they have completed and passed. This must be turned in to the athletic office or coach on or before the first day of practice.

4. Any student, whose parent has consented to participation in any sport, will forfeit the athletic fee for that sport if the student decides to leave the team for any reason other than academics. It is important that coaches and parents work together to instill responsibility and commitment in our student athletes.

5. The student is responsible for communicating changes in the athletic schedule to their parents.

6. Parents are required to assist with the various functions necessary to host athletic events as scheduled or find a replacement (i.e. concessions, ticket sales, post game clean up, and other miscellaneous tasks.) Without you, these games would not be possible.

Middle School Interscholastic and Athletic Club Eligibility Guidelines:

The following policy was created through a collaborative effort of the six middle schools in the Tippecanoe School Corporation. Following a Board of Trustees request for a unified policy, these guidelines will be adhered to at all six middle schools.

For the purposes of determining athletic eligibility, grade verifications will be conducted on the predetermined dates listed below. Students must have a passing grade in all subjects. If, during the grade verification, a student is not passing all classes, they will be ruled ineligible. During the first two-week period of ineligible status, students may still attend practices, but may not participate in contests. Students will be able to earn an eligible status only during the next scheduled verification check. If a student is ruled ineligible for a second time during any one sport, they will be removed from the roster and must turn in their equipment.

Any student participating in an after-school athletic event will be included during the season of their participation. Events that shall be included (but not limited to) are football, volleyball, golf, cross country, basketball, wrestling, track, tennis, intramural, dance, and cheerleading.

Verification sheets will be provided to the staff on the Thursday prior to the date of verification and returned to the school designee on the following Monday prior to 12:00 PM. The eligibility period will include a two-week time period including weekends. Students failing a class on the verification sheet will be notified on Mondays.

9/1, 9/15. 9/29
11/3, 11/17
12/1, 12/15
2/9, 2/23
4/6, 4/20
5/4, 5/18

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