Hash Baltics 2024!
Register your interest and tell us your preferred month for the annual long weekend of the new Vilnius H3!

700 years ago, Duke Gediminas invited people from all over Europe to create a new city - VILNIUS! History doesn't tell us if they went Hashing, but probably. And a little bit later, in 1993, Godmother started the Vilnius Hash House Harriers (actually Harriettes, ooh la la) - and now in 2023 Grandpa and Sherriff have restarted that grand tradition! So now, 700 beers later, we again invite all European Hashers and Harriettes, especially the young good looking ones, to join us for a long weekend in the PRIME Hashing country that is VILNIUS!
  • GORGEOUS countryside mere MINUTES from the town!
  • MODERATE shiggy
  • CHEAP, PLENTIFUL, TASTY beers of all kinds
  • FRIENDLY people
  • AFFORDABLE accommodation, easy transport, and all that boring stuff
For the HASH BALTICS experience WE will provide for all REGISTERED HASHERS:
  • A full recommended program including travel options, transport while here, suggested accommodation, insider tips on where to get essentials
  • On-call support before, during, and after the event, in case you get "stuck" (you won't but just in case!)
  • As much beer as the Hash Cash can handle
  • Tee shirts (included in the rego price)
  • ... and of course Hash runs and On After!
This is NOT your average international Hash event. It's an ANNUAL event and as such we allow YOU to take charge of the details such as
  • Booking your travel, accommodation, and any other logistical stuff
  • Getting to and from Hash runs and On After
  • Getting in touch if you need help or advice
This ensures that everyone gets the most out of the long weekend without too much stress and leaves us all to focus on what really counts - HASHING!

Contact us:
  • h3heretic@gmail.com
  • https://www.facebook.com/vilniush3
  • https://vilniusharriers.family.blog/
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