Dominion Online Abusive Player Reporting
Please fill this form out if you would like to privately report abusive play on These reports will only be seen by the moderator team.

You also probably want to personally blacklist the player. To do so at the end of a game, click the lightning bolt button. To do so after you've left the table, go to the Friend List tab, switch to Blacklist, and enter their username there.
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Abusive player's username *
Category *
More than one may apply. Note that "slowplay" is not merely playing slowly, but intentionally taking several minutes between actions at uneventful moments in the game.
Description *
What did they do?
Game number *
You should be able to see this in the chat window: "Starting game #_____"
Chat Logs
If applicable, please paste the relevant text of the chat logs here. Don't worry about formatting.
Most reports do not require any followup. However, it might be helpful for the moderators to reach out to you to ask you for more details about the interaction. If this is needed, please tell us how we can follow up with you.
Followup method
Forum account name
If you would like us to follow up on the forum.
Discord account name
If you would like us to follow up via Discord. You must first have joined the ShuffleIT Discord at so we can message you. Your username should be formatted like "@____#____". To get this, click on your name in the lower left corner of Discord, and add an @ symbol before it.
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