Heart of FUS responses
We invite your group to take a few minutes in a gathering this month to share your responses and record them on this form.
We ask that you agree to:
-Share the time equally. (Divide the time allotted by the number of participants and keep time.)
-Participants are invited to share and listen openly.
-Ask questions or interact with each other only for the intent of clarity, not challenge or debate.
-Remember that the intent is to both express one’s opinion about important matters honestly and openly, AND to listen with respect and regard for what is shared to think about how it might impact the mission and vision at FUS.

Please record the name of the sharer and their responses to each question in that section. Read the two questions to the group and give them a couple of minutes to consider their answers. It is fine to let each person share their response to both questions in a single response, if they are not ready to do so please come back to them for the second response.
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