Science Dome Field Trip Request
Use this form if you would like to request a field trip to the Pierce College Science Dome for your pK-12 class or other youth group.
For more information on field trips to the science dome please see:

Please allow one week for us to respond to your request.
If you have any questions please contact the Science Dome Coordinator, Hillary Stephens at or 253-964-6540.

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There are 58 seats + floor space for up to 20 pillows. If your group is larger than this please plan to split up into two or more groups. Preschool groups are limited to no more than 25 at one time.
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We plan on splitting up into: *
If you have a large group we can split up into multiple shows. Shows last between 45 minutes and 1 hour depending on the needs of your group.
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Please choose live presentation topics *
Some topics take longer to cover than others. With a video 1-2 topics can usually be presented during a single visit. With out a video 2-3 topics can be presented. Topics with an * are designed to take the entire time and can only be done during fully live presentations. Topics marked with (PS) have versions that are great options for preschool. See for more detailed content descriptions.
If you chose "Other" please explain, or clarify anything else related to content selected above.
List specific learning goals, Science on a Sphere topics, etc.
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My group would like to watch one of the fulldome videos below.
Videos range in length from 20-40 minutes. Age ranges listed are purely suggestions not requirements. For Descriptions/Previews see:
Preferred Dates & Times *
Please enter in your first and second choice for date & time. We can usually accomodate first choices - it speeds up the scheduling if you can be specific. The Science Dome is available between 9 am and 3 pm M-F for Field Trips. Pending staff availability the Science Dome may be available during the evenings. Shows last about one hour.
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Payment *
The cost is $35 per group for field trips lasting 45-60 minutes. Once a reservation date has been confirmed you will receive an invoice via email. The invoice should be paid through the Pierce College cashier's office before your trip date or within 30 days of the invoice date, whichever is sooner. If you have a PO number please type it in the "Other" section below.
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