The Wall 2061 NPC Registration
Use this form to register you interest in being an NPC for the Game "The Wall 2061" happening in Berlin on the 28th April 2018.
Your name
E-Mail Adress
Do you have any NPC Experience? *
Are you open to do a Game Master Role? *
Most NPC roles in "The Wall 2061" are also Game Master roles. As a game master in a location you are responsible for keeping up communication with the games headquarter, as well as subtly guiding the play in case something goes horribly wrong.
Are you open to do a "Behind the scenes" Role? *
For the game, we will also need people behind the scenes - helping out in the headquarter or being on route to help prepare game related events.
What kind of Role would you be willing to play?
About you
In this section we are taking in some data about you. These questions are relevant to the kind of costuming you will receive from us.
In this section we will need measurements for the costumes. In case you need help with knowing what is what, here's a handy graphic.
Hip circumference (cm)
Waist circumference (cm)
Chest circumference (cm)
Arm length (cm)
Full body length (cm)
Inseam (cm)
This is the seam on the inside of one leg.
Head circumference
Women - Sweater size
Men - Shirt size
Men & Women - Pant size
Any special things the costumer needs to keep in mind?
Are there any other things you think you could help with?
Any additional things you'd like to let us know?
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