BAPA 2020 Community survey
Help us learn more about you so that we can better serve our flying community!
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How did you originally hear about BAPA? *
Are you a BAPA member? *
What is the main reason for your BAPA membership choice? *
Which other Bay Area clubs are you a member of? *
How many hours do you anticipate you'll fly this year? *
What is your USHPA rating? *
In which Bay Area counties do you live and/or work? *
This will help us to better able to plan events for areas across the Bay.
How often do you fly these Bay area sites annually?
Ed Levin
Mt. Tam
Mori Point
The Stables
Mussel Rock/The Dumps
Blue Rock
Windy Hill
Are there any other Bay area sites you fly that are missing from the list above?
What types of events would you be most excited to attend?
Are you interested to find mentors in the flying community?
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If so, what kind of mentorship are you looking for?
Formal pairings, informal gatherings, XC, Acro, weather, etc.?
BAPA members get a discount at the Mountain Hardwear store. Have you ever used this benefit and would you be interested in other similar discounts?
If we have enough interest we may be able to negotiate discounts on things like GEOS/SARS, Medivac, etc.
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What do you wish BAPA could do for the flying community?
USHPA# (or full name if not an USHPA member):
USHPA#/name is only required if you want to be included in the REI gift card raffle.
Email address:
Email is only required if you want to be included in the REI gift card raffle.
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