Application for the post of “Project Assistant / Fellow” in the Physics Department at IISER Tirupati
Please use this form to apply for projects in the Physics Department at IISER Tirupati. Four projects are currently receiving applications, and each applicant can apply for three projects within the department. The list of scientists and projects is below; please click on the links for details. You will be asked to choose your projects in Section 5 of the form.

1. Dr. Dileep Mampallil: Acoustic blood plasma separation and diagnosis in lab-on-chips. LINK:
2. Dr. Sudipta Datta: Superlattice of atomic sheets: exploring "plenty of room at the bottom". LINK:
3. Dr. Thokala Soloman Raju. Similarton propagation through asymmetric dual-core waveguide. LINK:
4. Dr. Sasmita Mohakud: Electric and magnetic phenomena in strongly correlated materials. LINK:

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