Winton Woods Preschool Application
*This form indicates your interest in enrolling your child for Preschool at Winton Woods City Schools.
*It DOES NOT guarantee enrollment!
*For Residents of Winton Woods City School District Only
*Your child must be completely potty trained and at least 3 years old (partial day classes) or 4 years old (full day classes) by September 30th
*If you suspect your child has a disability please contact Matt Brown (513) 619-2335
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Child's Name; El nombre del niño; Nom de l'enfant *
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Primary Language Spoken in the Home; Lengua principal hablada en el hogar; Langue parlée à la maison *
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Select your preference (This does not guarantee a spot in that class); Seleccione su preferencia (Esto no garantiza un lugar en esa clase); Sélectionnez votre préférence (Cela ne garantit pas une place dans cette classe)
Additional notes
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Tuition for Preschool is based on a sliding scale and is determined by the income verification documents you submit. Tuition payments are per month for 9 months (Sept-May). Federal Poverty Guidelines are used to determine tuition rates.
Next Steps
Enrollment decisions will begin in March 2019. Families will be called by the order in which applications are received. You will be notified when space becomes available to come in and register your preschool student.

Thank you for your interest in our Preschool!!

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