Are you interested in hosting the PID Forum?
We would like to hear from parties that have an interest in hosting the PID Forum after the end of the FREYA project (November 2020). Please answer the following questions to provide us with information about your organization and your ideas to sustain
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Why are you interested in hosting the PID Forum?
My organization could take on the technical hosting of the PID Forum *
The PID Forum currently runs on a discourse business plan with a discount for educational institutions. This requires little technical expertise to host the forum, but there are also alternative options to run the forum on a local server.
Room to elaborate (i.e. what possibilities do you have for the technical hosting? Would you run your own Discourse platform?)
My organization could take on the moderation of the PID Forum *
The PID Forum currently has 15 moderators from several different institutions, who review the contents and channels and promote the Forum within their own communities. The moderators come together in virtual meetings on an irregular basis to take decisions concerning the Forum together, and brainstorm about improvements and changes.
Room to elaborate (i.e. What role would you like in the moderation? How would you organize the moderation? Would you keep multiple moderators from different organizations?)
My organization could help with promotion for the PID Forum *
Room to elaborate (i.e. How would you help to publicize the PID Forum? What ideas do you have to enhance the engagement?)
My organization has financial resources to support the PID Forum *
The PID Forum is financed through the FREYA project and is running on a business plan costing about 45 dollars per month ( This budget is based on a discount that is available for educational institutions. FREYA is planning to sustain the financing of the PID Forum for another year after the project ends (i.e. until October 2021).
Room to elaborate (i.e. How much would you be able to spend on the PID Forum? What could be a financial plan?)
How would you organize and sustain the PID Forum to ensure its future success?
How much notice would you need before taking on support for the PID Forum with...
... technical hosting
... moderation
... promotion
Room for additional comments
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