December 16th- Winter Week 3 - GREENS Bi-weekly & Monthly
The Farmers recommendation for the week is Lettuce Mix! It's a great mix of small, delicate size leaves that make a great salad.

Asian Greens Mix returns! This was also subbed last week, as our Arugula got damaged by last weekends temperature dip. We should have the Asian Greens mix for a bit longer this Winter.

Red Veined Spinach is a new item for us. It is a smaller leaf than our usual spinach, the veins are red, and the flavor is great! We expect to have it for a couple weeks (most likely not all Winter) so order it while it is here.

Bags used for Greens are not compostable for the time being. We are using up our plastic bag inventory, and bio-bags will return in the Spring.

FYI select ID's aren't used during the Winter Farm Shares. All we simply need is your last name(s), address number and the town you receive delivery in.

Remember: We try to bulk up other items if we are short on your selection.
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