Sayaji Startup Summit 2018
The Sayaji Startup Summit is a startup event organized by Startup Vadodara and Institute of Leadership and Governance. We wanted to create a platform for the budding entrepreneurs wherein they could meet people who could invest in them financially and through mentoring and guidance also.

Sayaji Startup Summit stands out from the rest Startup meets was that we aimed at giving chance to not only Startups but
also ideas of a certain potential and already established businesses. The reason behind this was that
sometimes people have a clear idea but they do not know how to proceed or the right people to
approach, on the other hand, already established businesses also sometimes look forward to a
specific skill set or expertise for their business. This platform was to act as a bridge and connect all
these people by bringing them together.

Call us on 9099303911 for any other information!
Come on pitch it up!

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