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First name, last name, and what you like to be called by your teachers and classmates (leave blank if the same as first name):
Academic interests (subjects that you enjoy or would like to pursue in college)
Do you know any other languages at any level? If so, which languages, and at what level of experience? Did you enjoy learning another language?
Tell me something about yourself that is part of who you are but may not come through right away in an academic setting. Are you a musician, a creative writer, an athlete, a computer programmer, a Buffy the Vampire Slayer buff, a dungeon master? Do you have any special interests, hobbies, or talents?
Do you have any food allergies, intolerances, restrictions or aversions? Note any foods that would be dangerous or uncomfortable in the same room as you, and any foods you'd abstain from eating if food were shared in class.
If we get a day of beautiful weather and there’s an opportunity to hold class outside, would this work for you? I understand there can be mobility issues, allergies, distractions, and other factors that would make this difficult for some people; feel free to be either vague or specific about whether or not you’d be comfortable having class outside on occasion.
Is there anything you’d like me to know about you, your life, your learning style, or ways I can help you succeed in this course?
Are there any fonts that are particularly HARD for you to read? Are there any fonts that make reading EASIER for you?
I am a(n) ________________ learner (choose as many as apply):
Do you have any concerns about barriers to your success in this course (financial, social, health-related, etc.)? If you do and if you are comfortable with sharing them, please do so here in whatever amount of detail you like.
Would you like to meet to discuss accommodations for the course (within the first two weeks of the semester, if possible)? I can meet with students who have official accommodations from the Office of Access and Disabilities Services, as well as students without official accommodations who would nonetheless like to discuss their learning needs.
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Why are you taking this class? What are your learning goals in terms of the material and in terms of the academic experience? What questions do you have for me or about the material?
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