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Please let us know what training & leisure items you would like to purchase by completing this form.

Sample images of the kit available are provided below, along with a size guide. For payment, we will add the total order value to your ClubBuzz account once the order has been confirmed or we may specifically request a one-time bank transfer to ensure funds are secured in time.

The majority of items require a minimum order quantity before an order can be placed, once an item reaches the minimum quantity, orders will be placed and confirmed with individuals. For any items that don't meet the minimum order quantity on the first round of orders, will be kept on standby until the next order is placed and/or the minimum quantity order is reached.
Where possible orders will be placed in batches to save on delivery costs and help us meet minimum orders at target times.

Junior sizing is available in most items but listed in smaller 'ladies sizing' for the Flyhawk items so sizing is as small as a size 4, we would recommend using the size guides provided.  These also fall into the minimum order numbers with items being ordered in junior sizes having a reduced cost, please indicate the member type you are ordering for to be charged correctly.

Items are made from a range of suppliers and factories and so will be distributed as they arrive and not necessarily all together, Flyhawk items have an improved delivery timeline of 6-8 weeks.

We can't wait to see the Dunedin brand take over netball in Edinburgh! Any questions do not hesitate to get in touch with dunedinnetball@gmail.com 
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There are different prices for junior & senior sized Flyhawk items so this helps us charge you correctly.
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As some items require a minimum order quantity before they can be ordered, once an item reaches the minimum quantity, orders will be placed and confirmed.
Flyhawk Training Kit
Please see the size guide below.
Dunedin Tee £30, Junior  Price £25
Captionless Image
Replica National League Kit - T-Shirt £24 (Annual sponsor logo will be included)
Captionless Image
Dunedin Vest £24, Junior Size Price £20
Captionless Image
Replica National League Kit - Vest £24
Captionless Image
Dunedin 1/4 Zip Training Top £45, Junior Size Price £38
Captionless Image
Dunedin Hoody £48, Junior Size Price £40
Captionless Image
Dunedin Zip Hoody £48, Junior Size Price £40
Captionless Image
Dunedin Outdoor Jacket £69, Junior Size Price £58
Captionless Image
Dunedin Training Shorts £21, Junior Size Price £18
Captionless Image
Dunedin Netball Shorts £15, Junior Size Price £12.50
Lycra shorts for underneath dress
Captionless Image
Crewneck Sweatshirts £34
Embroidered crewneck sweatshirts (the design is embroidered on the front), this visual is an example below and style sourced are a classic fit unisex crewneck sweatshirt. The sizes for this style of sweatshirt are adult sizes and designed to be slightly oversized so there aren't specific junior sizes.
Captionless Image
Leisure Items
A number of these items have been sourced based on member demand and also to support club fundraising efforts, so orders will be supporting club funds to allow us to reinvest and continue to #Thriveonandoffthecourt.

Other than the scrunchies all leisure items are ordered based on meeting a minimum order on each item, therefore as per our Flyhawk kit orders, please select the items you would wish to purchase and when the minimum order is reached we will confirm your order has been placed and the final cost that will be charged to your Clubbuzz account.
Backpack, £32 (£35 with personalisation)
Indicate your order below by adding initial for personalisation or noting "no personalisation wanted"
Captionless Image
Water Bottle £5
400ml Carabiner Aluminum Water Bottle. Please select a quantity
Captionless Image
Training Socks - £8
These socks are a better quality fabric sock for regular training use. Price may reduce if order numbers are high
Captionless Image
Varsity Socks - £5
Captionless Image
Socks Bundle - £12
A bundle will include a single pair of each type of sock. Please indicate your UK shoe size & the number of bundles below.
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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