June 13th 2015 Providence Public Library RRYS Vendor Application
this is the Vendor Application for a new Providence Rock And Roll Yard Sale
which will be held on Saturday 13th June 2015 at the Providence Public Library in
Downtown Providence. PPL is in the midst of a three month long series devoted
to local music, and What Cheer was asked to book some of the events, and
one of them will be this special Rock + Roll Yard Sale with Live Bands
and DJs in addition to vendors like you!

the event is indoors and the hours will be from Noon - 8pm and the
Vendor Fee for this Event is $60 per 6' table and due in Advance when
Requested. while we should have more space available for this event than
usual, vendor space for our events always sells out quickly, so apply right away
if you want in. note that applying does not guarantee you a spot. once you fill in
and submit this form, we'll let you know if your application has been approved.
then you'll receive instructions on how to make payment. spaces are 1st Come
1st Paid so if you don't pay right away, you may not get a spot.

unlike our usual Rock + Roll Yard Sales, this one is being held indoors.
because of this, tables and chairs will be provided. this also means that spaces
are not as large as those at our outdoor sales. each vendor will get a 6' table to
display their wares. wall space will be available behind some tables, but not all.
some of you may want to use the space and not a table, which is ok, but we
need to know ahead of time if you'd like to do this (not using a table would
allow for a clothing rack or displays like that, which won't fit along with a
6' table) so keep all of this in mind when applying.

you're welcome to book additional tables. if this is something you
want to do, be sure to make that selection below (tables are $60 each
and additional tables are subject to space being available).

the space is really nice and incredibly well-lit. wine and beer will
also be sold during the event, but we're not sure about food. wall space
is not guaranteed and NOTHING can be attached to the walls for this.

the library is wheelchair accessible, so loading in and out
should be easy if you have a cart / handtruck, which can just
be rolled up the ramp instead of the stairs to the entrance.

by filling out and submitting this application, you agree to our terms:

- no vendor fees will be refunded for any reason.
- you may not hold us, our shop, our events, or our sponsors accountable / liable
for any loss, injury or damage incurred before, during or after the event.
- additional rules will be included in our confirmation email
for those who pay in time and are accepted.

if you have questions, email us at what.cheer.records@gmail.com
Your Full Name *
Your Business Name *
Email Address *
also Include Email Addresses for anyone Sharing your Space. separate each email with a comma. this will allow us to send them load-in and other info if accepted.
Where Do You Reside? *
where do you live?
Have You Sold at Our Events Before? *
What Do You Sell? *
Describe What You Sell / Do *
brief description to help us promote your participation in our publicity efforts
How Many Spaces Do You Need? *
Each Space Allows for One 6' Table (or the equivalent amount of empty space)
If Sharing a Space, Who's Sharing with You *
it's fine to share a space, but you must find someone to share it with and just one of you should submit the payment. if you will be sharing, be sure to include their contact and business info so we can promote what everyone does in our publicity materials.
Website for What you Sell or Do *
please test and then paste in a working FULL WEB ADDRESS and do NOT just put "facebook" or "etsy" - please TEST YOUR LINK to be sure it works! this is to promote your participation in the event, so it's to your benefit. if you don't have a site, just say so, or send along your personal facebook / etc.
Special Requests *
like if you'd like to be set up next to a friend, etc.
Table or No Table? *
Facebook Page *
full link here please! we'll friend and / or like your pages. do the same to us!
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