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Please complete this survey to help us gain insight on the current awareness levels of UV protection for children. You stand a chance to win a R500 gift voucher by completing your details at the end of the questionnaire.
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1. Do you and your children regularly spend time on outdoor activities? *
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2. Do you and/or your children wear sunglasses during outdoor activities?
3. If one or more of your children wear sunglasses, where did you get them? (You may choose more than one) *
4. What did you pay for a pair of your child's sunglasses? *
5. Do you think it is important to protect children’s eyes with 100% UV protective sunglasses? *
6. If your child does not have a pair of sunglasses, why not? *
7. If your child does have a pair of sunglasses, what were the challenges you faced when shopping for them? *
8. If you were to buy your child a pair of 100% UV protective sunglasses, as a first pair or a replacement, where would you look for the right pair first? *
9. How much would you be willing to pay for 100% UV protective sunglasses for your child that are flexible, durable and almost unbreakable made to fit and last for 3 years? *
Please complete your details to stand a chance of winning a R500 Gift Voucher!
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