DGMT 2019 Proposal for Workshops, Roundtables & Posters
Please complete the following form in order to submit your application to present and/or conduct a workshop at The Dudley Grant Memorial Trust's Conference under the theme: The Early Childhood Family - Home, School, Community. For more information regarding the application requirements and the conference please visit www.dudleygrantecd.org.jm or email info@dudleygrantecd.org.jm.

The deadline for submission is August 31, 2019. Notification of proposal status will be sent on September 21, 2019.

Workshop sessions will be 120 minutes in length (inclusive of questions). Workshops should include hands-on application and practice for participants. It is preferred that workshop presentations be available to be shared with participants in soft copy (PDF format) after the conference.

Each Roundtable session will include 2-4 research/presentations with similar themes and subject matter. At the conference, each presenter will have 10 minutes to introduce his/her project and raise one or two open questions. 20 minutes are undefended for discussion. Presenters should prepare handouts for the other participants, but should not prepare a Powerpoint presentation.

Posters should be research or practice oriented and related to the work/research of the applicant. Posters should be prepared by the author and be no larger than 36" x 42"
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