Getting More Young Hams Involved (answer only what you feel comfortable answering)
This is meant for hams under the age of 26 to share how they came to the hobby, and how we can get their peers involved. Please refrain from responding if you don't fit that category. Thanks!
If you're a young ham (26 or under), what got you interested in the hobby?
Where do you usually operate from?
Have you ever operated a remote station?
What bands do you operate on?
What modes do you operate
Any ideas on getting more people your age interested in the hobby?
Your answer
What aspects of the hobby do you dislike?
Your answer
Ideas on what the ARRL, RSGB, RAC, or any other large body can do to help more involved
Your answer
Are there any non-ham groups of your peers (multicopter, electronics, etc) that you could see trying to bring into the hobby?
Your answer
What parts of the hobby do you enjoy?
What barriers do you have that prevent you from trying out other aspects of the hobby?
Are you involved in any of the assorted groups of young amateurs? If so - which ones?
Are you a member of a "brick and mortar"/not-online club?
What age group are you in?
What gender are you?
What continent are you on?
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