Parent Disclosure Survey Precalculus
Precalculus Disclosure Document 2016-2017

Teacher: Miss Allison Noble Phone: 801.610.8800 ext. 211
Email: Website:
Room: #211 Classroom Hours: 7:15-7:45 AM M-F, 2:15-2:45 PM T-F

This is a FULL YEAR course. If a student decides to change or drop from this course, s/he must have a signed permission form from his/her counselor, teacher, administrator, and parent.

Course Description: This course in the mathematics sequence covers topics in intermediate algebra and furthers your study of trigonometry. It is the overall goal of this course to refine your skills in algebra and prepare you to be successful in life.

Text/Materials Needed: Precalculus: Graphical, Numerical, Algebraic section by section; subject to change at teacher’s discretion, Notebook/Paper, Binder/Folder, Writing utensil, Calculator (REQUIRED – TI 84 or Inspire recommended)

Grading Scale: Grades are determined by weighted average of assignments and assessments.
A 93% and above B- 80-82.9% D+ 67-69.9%
A- 90-92.9% C+ 77-79.9% D 63-66.9%
B+ 87-89.9% C 73-76.9% D- 60-62.9%
B 83-86.9% C- 70-72.9% F 59.9% and below

Grading Policy:

- Homework 30%: To master anything, you must practice. Homework is your practice. Homework will be assigned daily and will be due at the beginning of the next class period.
- Tests 50%: There will be a test after each unit. There will be approximately 3 tests per term. If you are truant or caught cheating you will get a zero for that test. THERE ARE NO TEST RETAKES!
- Quizzes 20%: Quizzes will be given periodically. The lowest 2 quiz scores will be dropped.

Late Assignments: Late work will be accepted before the unit test.

End of Term: End of term work will be due on a designated date before the end of the term. Any work turned in after that date will not be accepted for a grade.

Cheating: If you are caught cheating, you WILL BE GIVEN A ZERO. Having your cell phone OUT during an assessment or quiz is considered cheating. I highly encourage working together and believe it is beneficial, but there is a difference between working together and cheating.

Absence Policy: I support the school’s attendance policy. See student handbook for details.

Tutoring: I will usually be available before and after school everyday (not Monday afternoons) and strongly encourage students to come to me if any extra help is needed or use other resources. Tutoring is also available after school on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in the math lab from 2:30-3:30.

Course Website: My website will be updated regularly with assignments, notes (filled in and blank) and other helpful resources. Please take advantage of this. The URL is

Classroom Policies: Students are expected to…
• follow the rules of behavior and dress as outlined by the district and school.
• be respectful to other classmates, your teacher and the classroom.
• come prepared for class everyday by bringing your materials, including assignments.
• listen carefully and follow all instructions.
• use class time wisely. When you are given time to work on math, you are expected to be working on math.
• be on time and turn in your work on time.
• keep any electronic devices (phones, ipods, kindles, etc) in the turned off position out of sight during teaching time.

Title IX and Title VI
American Fork High School complies with the requirements of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Therefore, no student shall be excluded from participation in , be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination on the basis of sex, race, color, national origin, religion, or disability.

Communication Notice: Please use my email (best method) to contact me with any concerns. I do NOT check my phone messages regularly, so please use this as a last resort to contact me. My number is 801.610.8800 ext. 211. Please be sure to include your child’s name in the message. I will not be available to meet with you in person, unless you make an appointment or come during parent/teacher conferences. I am happy to set up an appointment with you via email. Thank you and I look forward to having your student in my class.

*Disclosure document is subject to change as the needs of the students and class change. Changes will be posted on my website.

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