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Dear GGI- Member, We will try all the best to choose the right bike for you based on u'r budget allocation however we would request you to re-look if u could spend some more money while buying the Cycle as u get good/superior quality parts as u pay more. If u r a CAR user then the ROI on a bicycle is much faster.
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Get your budget in place. Figure out how much cash you are willing to spend. Dont be too miserly. Remember with good brands you get what you pay for. Good bicycles are expensive. Various parts of the bicycle like derailleurs, the frame, handle bar, saddle etc all work together to make sure the bike rides as well as it does. Bad components lend to various problems like improper shifting, recurring maintenance and a general headache. Good components on the other hand make sure your bicycle rides exactly the same as it did when you first picked it up, hardly require any maintenance and have superior performance, light weight and a much longer life. And of course they are more expensive :)
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