Macaroni Mondays Order Form
On Macaroni Mondays, students can purchase the $4 meal which includes:

- Homemade Macaroni & Cheese w/veggie & garlic bread from Out of the Ordinary Restaurant.
- Water bottle or Juice
- Treat (candy, gummies or small dessert item)

Or you may choose to purchase items individually or additional items.
Please fill out one form per student. You may choose "submit another form" at the end of this order to fill out another form for additional students.

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The $4 Macaroni meal to include Homemade Macaroni & Cheese, Veggie & Garlic Bread with choice of Juice or Water bottle and a candy treat. CLICK ON EACH ITEM BELOW TO COMPLETE THE MEAL.
Macaroni & Cheese main dish w/veggie & garlic bread (included in meal deal or $3.50 each)
Juice/Water Bottle
Choose Juice or Water (included in meal deal or .50 cents each)
Small candy treat (included in meal deal or .25 cents each)
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