The SOE YO committee would like to benchmark Ophthalmology residency programs across Europe. The information that we will obtain will be used to inform UEMS and other national organizations about the intra and supranational disparities in the different residency programs and to harmonize and enhance Ophthalmology training in Europe. Your personal data and privacy will be protected, and only anonymized data will be shared with these organizations.

We value and appreciate your input. Thank you for your participation!

1. Questions marked with the asterisk symbol (*) are considered mandatory answers.
2. We encourage to all the European young ophthalmologists carrying out the residency or in the 2-year post-residency period to respond this survey.
3. If you are in training, respond based on the experience gained so far. If you have completed your training period, respond according to the overall experience of your residency.
4. The survey should take no longer than 25 minutes to complete. It consists in 6 different sections where you will find questions about your experience in your residency, your residency training program, your clinical and surgical competences, and your opinion about different topics related to your training. We encourage you to have your training program and your registry of clinical and surgical competences (if you have them) in front of you before starting the survey.
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1.5. By collaborating with this project, you may have the opportunity to present the findings in your national ophthalmic society. Would you be interested in collaborating? *
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1.7. Are you a resident, a fellow, a specialist or a consultant? *
1.8. When are you planning to or did you finish the residency? *
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