Bethalto School District Title Parent Survey
Thank you for participating in our annual survey that we use for our Title Services in the district. Each building, and the district, use the responses from this survey to set goals each year. We appreciate you taking the time to complete this survey. If you have a student in more than one building, you do have to complete it for each building.

If you have questions about this survey, please don't hesitate to reach out to your building principal. We appreciate your help in advance.

Thank you.

What grade is your child in? *
Please list up to three things you like about your child's school.
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Please list up to three things you think could be improved about your child's school and how they could be improved if applicable.
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Are you satisfied with the level of security at your child's school?
If you put no or are unsure regarding the level of security at your school, please explain further.
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"Bullying is the repeated mistreatment of an individual or group characterized by a willful intent to cause harm and a perceived advantage in power. These acts can be socially, emotionally, or physically damaging in nature and include, but are not limited to, teasing, name calling, rumor spreading, exclusion, intimidation, threats, damaging personal property, stealing, public humiliation, stalking, pushing, shoving, or other physical attacks and sexual, religious, or racial/ethnic harassment. Any of these acts can also be committed via the Internet, e-mail, telephone, text messages, or other forms of electronic devices and is also considered bullying (known as cyber-bullying)." Bullying has been a problem for my child at his/her school.
Overall, how would you rate communication from your child's building?
Overall, how would you rate communication from the District office?
What information could be added to the website to help you?
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For the Fall conferences, in October I can make the following times, regardless of the day of the week. Choose all times that would work for you.
I can only make it to conferences on certain dates, please choose all that apply. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or any.
I am in favor of continuing to hold Spring Parent-Teacher Conferences.
If yes to Spring Conferences, why do you think the Spring Conferences are important?
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If no to Spring Conferences, what is your reasoning?
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Any specific feedback on either fall or spring conferences?
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Select how your child feels about school.
Please respond to the best of your ability the following statements.
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
Teachers respond to my questions in a timely manner. (within 24-48 hours).
Administrators/principals respond to my questions in a timely manner. (within 24-48 hours).
I feel my child's teachers care about my child's success.
I feel my child's teachers have high expectations for the learning achievement.
I am satisfied with the amount/difficulty of homework my child is assigned.
The school maintains high standards for behavior.
The school building and grounds are kept in good repair.
There is one adult that my child trusts and feels comfortable talking to for any reason.
What time in the evening do you prefer SchoolMessenger calls or texts?
In Illinois, chronic absence is defined as missing 10% of a school year for any reason. Are you aware of your child's quarterly attendance percentage?
What could we do to help improve your child’s attendance at school?
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What school does your child attend? (You will need to complete the survey for each school if you have students in multiple schools. If your child is alternatively placed, please choose the school that corresponds to the age of your child.) *
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