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Important Note - Please Read:
Dear Awana Families and Friends:
Welcome to another Awana Year! We are so excited for another year of learning and growing the faith of our children! The focus this year will be on the above mission statement. With that as our focus, we have made several changes to this year's format:

1) Children will experience a guided lesson within their small group, with the goal of learning and developing a Biblical foundation of faith. They will no longer work through their books at their own pace.

2) Each child will be given a colored t-shirt that coordinates with his/her group. This shirt should be worn each night at Awana - similar to a sports uniform worn for sporting events. We will not be wearing the official Awana uniforms.

3) The children in each group will work together to achieve goals and earn awards throughout the year. An individual award system will also be implemented, but it will not be the official "Awana award" system (jewels, pendants, patches, etc.).

4) It is possible that your child(ren) may work through a book they have already finished in a previous year. Please understand that our goal is to focus on truly understanding the handbook material, rather than simply memorizing the verse and moving on.

5) Awana handbooks will be kept at church. Verses to be memorized will be sent home each week with the child(ren), if applicable. Other materials may be sent home, when necessary. A colored folder will be provided for ease of transport to and from church.

6) Our mission is for you - as parents / friends / family members - to partner with your child(ren) and ask what they learned each week, as well as help them memorize and understand the weekly Bible verse sent home. Children will be given the opportunity to recite memorized verses during each Awana night. Memorization accomplishments will be recognized.

7) Large group and game sessions will remain similar to previous years.

To plan, organize, and implement this new format, an Awana Committee has been formed. Committee members are: Dave & Melissa Nystrom, Deb Vonnahme, Carrie Riesberg, Barb Hart, Sammi Elliott, Jen Mason, and Kari Woodard. We ask for your patience this year as we really try to embrace our mission and implement changes to enhance the Awana experience. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to Dave, Melissa, Deb, or Kari at awana@yourcentralchurch.com. Thank you!!
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