Dungeon Master Background Info
Let's get to know what kind of a Dungeon Master you are, and find out what kinds of tools you would find useful.
How long have you been running D&D or similar tRPG games? *
0-1 Years
10+ Years
How experienced would you say you are at running games? *
How much do you improvise while playing? *
I plan for every eventual outcome
The goblin's name is....B-Boblin
What's the easiest part of DMing? *
What's the hardest part of DMing? *
What's your favorite aspects of DMing? *
DM's Toolkit
What kind of tools do you use while running a game? (choose any that apply) *
Which of these tools do you find the most useful? *
Do you find that tools and organization make your job as a DM run smoother? *
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