2020 Instructor Re-Certification Form
In preparation for completion of this form, I would suggest answering the questions in a Word Document and transferring your answers over here so that it may be done in one sitting.
A $50 late fee will be charged if payment is not received on or before re-certification month (March) is over. Cost to re-certify is $150.

If forms AND/OR payment are late, you will be removed from all online instructor materials (website, FB groups, store, website, email, etc.) until all requirements are complete.

If you have circumstances that are not allowing you to complete these requirements, please contact April so that we can discuss how we can support you as an instructor (certification@birthbootcamp.com).

If you choose not to re-certify, you have three years to submit your payment, late fee, and re-certification form. The $50 late fee will apply. After three years have passed, you will be required to attend a Reboot instructor training workshop. The current fee for a Reboot is $250.

* Payment can be made via PayPal to paypal@birthbootcamp.com - Please include your Name and Instructor Number for record keeping purposes.
* Payment can also be made by check, mailed to Birth Boot Camp PO BOX 1874 Mansfield, TX 76063
First Name *
Last Name *
Instructor Number *
Month and year you attended training *
Name of your Instructor Trainer *
If you've moved, please share your new mailing address below.
1. Community Group Attendance (attend 2, this can be 2 separate groups, or 2 events/meetings of the same group) *
What were the dates of the Community Group events you attended and what was covered? *
2. Book Report: Read a book of your choice (making sure the topic is birth, pregnancy, parenting, breastfeeding). List the title and author of the book and tell us if you recommend it and why. For book suggestions from the BBC Advisory Board and Instructor Trainers, visit the .net. Please note that if you attended an Instructor Training Reboot or BBC Doula Training you can just put that down instead of reading a book. *
3. Instructor Choice: Pick one *
Instructor Choice Info: Please provide the additional information that goes with your "Instructor Choice." *
4. Mark the class(es) you taught this past year. If you have not been able to teach a class, please note that below and email April at certification@birthbootcamp.com. (Don't worry! You can still re-certify!) *
5. Create and/or Update your BBC Directory page. Email April to get your account set up. Make sure you have a headshot uploaded and current class schedule and/or doula availability. *
6. Once you have completed this form, April will be sending you documents (Non-Compete, Code of Conduct, etc.) via PandaDoc. You will need to read these over and sign them through the program. It is super easy! We are working to update all of our forms, digitally. Please list the email you would like April to send these forms to. *
7. Do you still use your vanity email? For example: afrancom@birthbootcamp.com *
8. Retreat is coming up in February 2021! Are there specific topics you are interested in learning about? Suggestions you have for activities? We want to hear from YOU! Tell us what you are wanting to experience. *
Updated Class Outlines!
We will be sending you an updated comprehensive outline as well as an updated operations manual. If you would like any of the other class outlines, you will need to purchase them, at cost. After recertification ends, the price will go up on those outlines! Be sure to fill out this form https://bit.ly/outlinebbc
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