Assess yourself: Writing Academic Texts
By launching the following exercise, you will read a list of ‘can-do’ statements (e.g. I can use signpost language).

Assess how well you can do the following by choosing one of the following options after each statement:

Very well - Quite well - Satisfactorily - Poorly - Not at all

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Section A - Writing academic texts: Generally
a. I can recognise some academic text types (e.g. argumentative, descriptive) and genre (e.g. diaries, essays).
b. I can identify the structure of some academic text types (argumentative, descriptive, expository and procedural).
c. I can produce a clearly-structured academic essay.
d. I can exercise good academic practices by providing proper references when I quote others’ work.
Section B - Writing academic texts: Before writing
a. I can activate resources and prior knowledge about text types and genre.
b. I can research the topic.
c. I can create an outline and briefly note down the content of each paragraph.
Section C - Writing academic texts: During writing
a. I can write an introduction.
b. I can write a good topic sentence for every paragraph.
c. I can develop a main idea in each paragraph with supporting facts/evidence.
d. I can summarise the main points in a Conclusion.
e. I can assess the effect of different styles, discourse structures and subject-specific language to be used in my writing.
f. I can apply flexibly a variety of strategies to optimize the writing of an expository text.
g. I can locate and use appropriate reference tools and other online and off-line resources for information and assistance.
Section D - Writing academic texts: After writing
a. I can revise my work, check spelling, syntactical correctness, variety of vocabulary used, and amend as necessary.
b.I can reflect on my own writing strategies by writing in my Learning Diary and design a way for improvement.
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