Little Big Inspiration . With Aňa and Štěpán
This will be a weekend full of opportunities to learn, practice and enjoy. To Dance. To finish 2017 Little Big Apple classes with a Shabam and get together for a Christmas celebration.

You can register for the full Weekend, or to the individual workshops (see description and individual prices below):
• Full Weekend, 10h of classes, Saturday party, Sunday tea dance (2h Friday, 4h Saturday Fast Feet, 4h Sunday): 85€
• Full Weekend, 8h of classes, Saturday party, Sunday tea dance (2h Friday, 2h Saturday Fast Feet, 4h Sunday): 65€


Open Level. 20h30 – 22h30 Olaias Clube. 20€
Well into 20’s and later, there was no such label as jazz- or swing-band, there was only dance-bands, giving you also freedom what dance you would do. In this 2-hour workshop Áňa and Štěpán are going to guide you through the history of dancing to jazz music, teaching you the principles of some other dances like Peabody, Fox-Trot or Waltz.
Come and join us for getting a new taste of Jazz into your dance!


• Awesome level 11h–13h | 16h–18h Olaias Clube. 40€
Áňa and Štěpán will share their ideas about fast Lindy Hop so you can get the excitement of rocking those Swing outs really fast on the dance floor later!
This is going to be a challenging workshop, and it is designed to dancers with at least 1,5 years of experience, that are very comfortable with their basics.

• Fantastic level 14h – 16h Olaias Clube. 20€
If dancing fast is something that you would like to work in your dance, come and join David and Cátia for 2 hours of dancing and exercises that will help you feel more at easy and ready for the higher tempos. To participate in this workshop you have to have at least 6 months of classes and preferably some social dance already in your dancer’s belt.
If you are in doubt about the level please send an e-mail to

• Party at Ateneu da Madre Deus. 23h às 3h. 5€
Included in the Full pass workshop.


• Slow Bal 12h – 14h Olaias Clube . 20€
Slow-Bal or Slow Balboa is a beautiful example of how you can dance to slow music and keep it simple, nice and cozy. For this workshop, it’s useful to have already some experience with other Swing dances, like Lindy Hop or Balboa.

• Saint Louis Shag 15h – 17h Olaias Clube . 20€
St. Louis Shag is a very distinct regional swing dance that came from St. Louis, Missouri. Originally probably evolving from Charleston, it became such a hit that that it remained well into 50s and later was danced as well to R&B, Rock’n’Roll or Jump Blues music.
For these classes you should know triple steps.

• Tea Dance at Olaias Clube. 2€
Included in the Full pass, or if you do the Sunday classes.

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Full weekend registration:
If you register for this option you will have included not only workshops but also the party on Saturday and the social dance after Sunday workshops. The difference between the two Full passes is the level for the Lindy Hop Classes, please check the info at the description or send an e-mail to if you need advise.
Full Pass 10h . 85€
Full Pass 8h . 65€
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Individual Workshops registration:
If you can only do some of the classes you can still register for individual workshops below. If you have a partner please give his/her name in the next field, only if they are doing the same workshop(s) as you.
All that Jazz! . Friday . 20€
Lindy Fast Feet . Saturday. Awesome level 4h . 40€
Lindy Fast Feet . Saturday. Fantastic level 2h . 20€
Slow Bal . Sunday . 20€
St Louis Shag . Sunday . 20€
Partners name for Individual Workshops:
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