Speedrun.com Front Page Request (Beta)
Do you have a charity marathon coming up? Running a cool event? We want to start using the Speedrun.com front page to highlight community content, and that means you!

Content Requirements:
* On average, reservation slots will be for 2-4 hours, but exceptions may be made for certain events. (We recommend you use it either for the beginning, end, or a particular section you would like to highlight.)
* All content must be live/never seen before premieres, no re-runs of previously aired content
* Please submit front page requests at least 14 days before the event date
* All sponsors for the event must be disclosed, and eligibility may be affected on a case by case basis if an event is sponsored
* The Mature Filter setting on Twitch must be turned off for any front paged streams. We reserve the right to remove a stream at any time if we feel it is not appropriate for the front page
* Although there is currently no limit on number of submissions, please be aware that we may deny repeat requests from the same organization in order to make sure we have a variety of content on the front page

Content is not limited to marathons, feel free to submit speedrun related shows, TAS premieres, tournaments, etc. We will be deciding content eligibility on a case by case basis, and we're always excited to see what the community comes up with. We look forward to your request!
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