Call for proposals : REⒸ – Radio Magazine on Research-Creation (Episodes 3-4)
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Project Description
Through REC, we propose our listeners to follow us in the vibrant world of research-creation. Each episode of the series will address a current topic through a common question to illustrate how research practices that include the arts and creation are redefining our understanding of the production of knowledge in academia, as well as our worldview.

On this occasion, young researcher-creators and members of the Hexagram research-creation network will be invited to present their work (theoretical and creative) and to debate about a common subject. The live recording of the show will be enhanced by performances of musicians and other sound creators.
Purpose of the Call
This call aims at identifying potential contributors to the content of the program. More specifically, we seek:

• Students and professors wishing to share their thoughts and work in relation to the theme of the show.

• Musical performers for a live studio performance.

Please note that you must be available to take part in the recording of the show in the spring of 2019 (exact dates to be confirmed). The recordings are normally held on Monday morning from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm in the studios of (UQAM).
Here are the general themes that are considered for the next episodes. We invite you to check all that can be connected to your work. You can also select "others" and suggest a theme related to your research-creation practice and the projects you are currently pursuing.

Once the guests are selected, each show will be organized around a more specific central question.
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Desired Contributions
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General Informations
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1. Content Contributor
Content contributors will initially be asked to present their work as well as excerpts from it through an individual interview. They will then take part in a group discussion with the other guests. The purpose of their interventions is to highlight what their respective research-creation approaches can bring to the common question related to the central theme of the program.

The projects presented by the contributors are not limited to the field of sound creation - quite the contrary - but the proposed excerpts must have interesting sound potential for the radio. This content can also be highlighted on the show's website.

Content contributors must be able to express themselves fluently in French or English, provide up-to-date information and excerpts on the content presented and be available for a phone pre-interview.
Please briefly describe the research-creation project you would like to present as part of the program.
Please describe how this project relates to the themes identified previously.
Have other Hexagram members contributed to this project? If yes, which ones?
Please provide links to excerpts and content that may accompany your radio talk (web site, shared file, We Transfer, etc.).
2. Musical Performer
This person will be asked to perform several live performances throughout the show (introduction, dedicated section, transitions and conclusion). Its presence will allow to highlight research-creation approaches using sound or musical creation, as well as making the program more dynamic.

Performance can be done alone or in a small group. The performers will be responsible for providing their own equipment. Technical assistance will be provided for studio connections.
Please briefly describe the musical performance you would like to present on the show including its technical considerations.
Please describe how this project relates to the themes identified previously.
Please provide links to excerpts of past performances (web site, shared file, We Transfer, etc.).
Form Submission
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