RCA Attendance and Grade Reporting
Our form will help you easily submit grades and attendance. We only ask for grades of students in high school who require RCA to make the transcript. You may also submit grades each nine weeks if you'd like a report card. If you do not require RCA to publish a transcript grades are not required. We do require attendance yearly. Attendance need to be received no later than July 25th.

Please use the following chart to calculate GPA unless you have a different scale. All grades need an actual numeric value to calculate GPA.

Letter Grade Percentage GPA
A+ 100% or more 4.33/4.00
A 93%-99% 4.00/4.00
A- 90%-92% 3.67/4.00
B+ 87%-89% 3.33/4.00
B 83%-86% 3.00/4.00
B- 80%-82% 2.67/4.00
C+ 77%-79% 2.33/4.00
C 73%-76% 2.00/4.00
C- 70%-72% 1.67/4.00
D+ 67%-69% 1.33/4.00
D 63%-66% 1.00/4.00
D- 60%-62% 0.67/4.00
F 0%-59% 0.00/4.00

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