Waitākere Ranges Track Condition Report
Please use this form to report problems with open track conditions that make them unsatisfactory and at risk of spreading kauri dieback. Thank you very much for your help - we really appreciate it! This work will help protect our kauri forests. Ngā mihi nui
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Open Track Condition
Please let us know if sections of the track are unsatisfactory, ie there is mud, no gravel, broken or missing boardwalk, blocked drainage, water washing surface off track, exposed tree roots, obvious signs of off track use. Please be as accurate as you can in describing the location of the problem section(s) and how long they are. Please take photos & GPS locations if possible. Thank you!
Location(s) of problem section(s) - description / GPS
Open Track condition problems (please take photos)
Open Track depth of mud /water
Open Track length of muddy / wet track (% of total length of track)
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Track condition / construction comments
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