Hard-of-hearing driver feature: Opt-in
Want to opt in to Lyft's new deaf and hard-of-hearing driver features? Fill out this form to let us know.
Email address
Is the email address above the one associated with your Lyft account?
If not, please re-enter your email above, using the address associated with your Lyft account.
Once you submit your email address, passengers will receive a text letting them know you are deaf or hard of hearing.
Please do no press "Submit" below if you do not want to send this text message to passengers.
Thanks for using this feature, and for driving with Lyft!
Please expect this functionality to be live on your account within 48 to 72 hours. Note that Lyft may contact you to confirm your email address if we cannot locate the one associated with your account. No one from Lyft will ever call you asking for your phone number, driver's license, or verification code.
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