Learning Skills Screener
Does your child show the warning signs of a cognitive skills weakness?

Many parents are concerned about their child's academic performance or feel that their child is performing below his/her ability.

We'd like to pay it forward to all Moms and Dads by making this Learning Skills Screener available at no cost - answer these 30 questions and begin to discover your child's cognitive skills weaknesses - and strengths!

We will follow up with a free 15-minute telephone consultation to explain your child's results, and will also provide you with an electronic copy of your child's Learning Skills Report.

(For children age 6+)
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Rank each statement. Compared with kids the same age and gender, this behaviour occurs in my son/daughter:
0) less often OR doesn't apply to my child
1) at about the same rate
2) slightly more
3) considerably more
4) significantly more
1. Distracted by other activities *
2. Reading is slow *
3. Poor reading comprehension *
4. Often asks to have things repeated *
5. Poor sense of direction (e.g. can't find his/her way around a mall or when cycling) *
6. Difficulty understanding stories or jokes *
7. Has difficulty maintaining attention *
8. Slow, deliberate speech *
9. Makes spelling errors in written assignments *
10. Has difficulty remembering names or facts *
11. Jigsaw puzzles are difficult or avoided *
12. Poor at or avoids games like chess, checkers or logic games *
13. Has difficulty organizing him/herself or other activities *
14. Writing assignments take a long time *
15. Has difficulty sounding out unknown words *
16. Needs to look multiple times when copying text/information *
17. Misreads similar words *
18. Takes a while to catch on to new things *
19. Has difficulty doing two things at once *
20. Takes a long time to complete tasks *
21. Oral reading is slow or choppy *
22. Difficulty following verbal instructions *
23. Poor at or dislikes drawing *
24. Doesn't like card games *
25. Is impulsive *
26. Avoids or has difficulty with video games *
27. Need words repeated when taking spelling tests *
28. Has difficulty recalling stories and jokes *
29. Has difficulties with word maths problems *
30. Has problems seeing the big picture *
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