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Hello. Thanks for contacting Euro Quality Foundation. Please provide the following information about your charity and your project to be considered for support from the foundation.
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1. Charity Name *
Official name of the charity. Include any trading or alternative names the charity is known as in brackets
2: Charity Number: *
Official charity registration number as per the Charities Commission (in UK) or any similar regulatory body which provides a registration number (Europe).
3: Charity Website: *
Official charity website address
4: Charitable request summary *
Summarise the project or cause for which financial support is requested
5: Which sector does your request benefit? *
6: Which geographical region does your request benefit? *
7: If a donation is made can you provide evidence of use of funds? e.g. images/videos/project report etc. *
For larger donations due diligence evidence of donation spend must be provided
8: Are your due accounts and annual return filed with Charities Commission or Companies House and available for review? *
We do not provide donations if documents that are due have not been filed and are not available for review
9: Bank account details for donations (Account name, Bank name, Sort Code and Account Number). *
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The person whom any correspondence should be addressed to
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